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    ground_school_reportFirst on the module is Ground School Subject, which lists all the theoretical subjects for aviation.

    Each subject has been classed specifically according to its name, subtype and number of tests required.

    All details of the subjects can be displayed and conveniently edited by clicking on “Edit”.

    Ground School Programme brings the user to a matrix of subjects corresponding to the week and hours to complete for that week.

    The user can easily create or change the number of hours for a subject by clicking within the matrix.

    The order of the subjects can also be modified easily by click and drop operations.

    House Master Comment allows the user to search for any student and simultaneously displays the given information about the student.

    The personal qualities of a student can be graded here, from a level of 0 to 6, pertaining to qualities such as discipline and leadership. Comments can be added to the comment box and after clicking on “Preview” will display the final report of the student.

    Various reports of other aspects can also be found under the Ground School Report module.