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    engineeringJDK Engineering

    Under the JDK Engineering module, the user has access to various engineering modules related to Jandakot airport.

    Priority module displays the details of priority aircraft. It shows information such as the 100 Hourly Due and the Current Hours of the aircraft.

    Aircrafts of both Jandakot and Singapore can be searched as well as choosing the specific date.

    Maintenance Schedule allows the user to plan the maintenance for the month.

    The planning can be easily done by clicking on the desired grid of the matrix, consisting of the aircraft type and date. After which a dialogue box appears and the user may choose the location and type of maintenance, including a side comment that may be added for reference.

    Maintenance Log Entry – JDK allows the user to view and edit the log entry of the aircraft maintenance.

    The Unserviceable Entry – JDK module shows information of aircrafts that are unable to be serviced.

    Aircraft Data Log Entry, Maintenance Release and Aircraft Utilization Report are some of the other modules that are located under the JDK Engineering module.

    SIN Engineering

    SIN Engineering module consists of Singapore related engineering modules.

    Maintenance Log Entry – SIN allows the user to search for aircrafts and view details about its maintenance.

    The user can easily edit details of the maintenance such as Date and Next Check Hours.

    Maintenance Log Report – SIN allows the user to view and edit the report on the maintenance.

    The Unserviceable Entry – SIN module shows information of aircrafts in Singapore that are unable to be serviced.