About Skylines


Skylines is a Flying School Management System that helps the school plan and maintain schedules by automating the planning processes. Flight and personnel programs are being meticulously organized within Skylines allowing the school staff to insert or search for relevant information easily. Syllabus and course results can be generated without hassle preventing the school from committing any grievous error pertaining to student issues.

Skyline is a new age flight planning system that can easily use information from the wide network of intelligence to generate safe flying schedules. It is simple to operate and allows users to modify schedules conveniently and intuitively, while maintaining flight schedules at their optimal capacity.

Scheduling aircraft flights is an extremely tedious work that is complicated and labor intensive. Additionally, the schedules are circumscribed by company policies and civil aviation laws. Various establishments had attempted to create versions of planning systems but were inadequate at managing the numerous constrains and resource demands. These older systems were subsequently aborted as they could not handle the ceaseless trials of flight errors and impaired equipment.

Skyline is the brain child of a league of experts who had tirelessly incorporated the myriad of domain knowledge into heuristics that the system can adopt. The system is able to arrange personnel and aircraft schedules in a few hours rather then a few weeks required by traditional scheduling systems.

Fitting Customization
A high level of customization is offered to users who have unique sets of guidelines to abide by. Customization ensures that all aspects of user specific conditions are approached with the pertinent solutions. Skyline is able to address the special needs of each institution where other systems have neglected.

Extensive User Roles
Skyline allows different levels of access to the flight schedules, catering to an extensive number of users with different roles. New types of users can be easily created and assigned to personnel who need distinguished access to the flight schedules. Several user roles had already been defined within the system and these will generally accommodate any flying institution.

Organized Access
Various informative features that are user orientated will greet the personnel upon logging into Skylines. Essential schedules and conspicuous reminders which communicate important instructions allow users to prepare for events antecedently. Helpful utilities provide users with links to practical websites and relevant news that reflect the latest headlines in the airline industry.

User Friendly Modules
Each module within Skyline had been refined to suit all users, regardless of students, instructors, engineers or administrators. A side menu allows the user to quickly access the desired module and rapidly make modifications to the flight schedules or personal data. These modifications will simultaneously occur for all modules consisting within the flight schedule, eliminating all communication disputes.

Effective Prompting
Inevitable mistakes can now be anticipated through the occurrence of error messages, reducing the repetitive correction of mistakes. Entries that disagree with existing constrains will cause the system to prompt the user that the entries are conflicting with the overall flight schedule. However Skyline is built instructively to respect all decisions the user makes and any existing constrains may be overruled.

Optimizing Resources
Facilities and equipments will reach maximal efficiency, increasing the pecuniary worth of the flying institution. Engineers will be able to fully utilize all facilities to maintain aircrafts while not dismissing any priority crafts that need attention. Lessons can also be conducted at a consistent rate as both instructors and students cooperate to bring about greater learning progress.

Syllabus Instructor Records
The Syllabus module comprises mainly of competency related tasks. These competency courses include the course structure of CASA, Civil Aviation Safety Authority. read more...
Tasks related to instructor information are found under the Instructor Records module. The qualification of each instructor can be checked easily by searching for the desired staff name ensuring that only qualified staffs are assigned with proper duties. read more...
Flight Operations Flight Scheduling
The Flight Operation module consists of numerous flying procedure tasks. The user can view and modify the daily flying programs through several tasks which have been designed to suit each user type
The comprehensive flight schedule shows all schedules that have been planned for the hours of the day. The user can easily choose new timeslots for mandatory sorties by providing essential flight details
Engineering Financial
Through the Engineering module, the user has access to aircraft data and maintenance tasks. The user can utilize the maintenance schedule to swiftly organize aircraft maintaining assignments.read more...
The Financial module comprises of pecuniary related modules. All reports can easily interface with Accpac, a highly recognized software application in the accounting industry.