“Skyline is able to consolidate the sophisticated information from all departments and promptly create a safe and competent flying schedule.”
- Mr Howard

“It had always been an exhausting job to plan duties and flights for the diverse levels of personnel, especially in an environment which focuses on the virtues of strict discipline. Thanks to Skyline, the bulk of the process had been automated and we are able to make any changes easily.”
- Mr Tan E.

“We are honored to implement Skyline as our new planning system. Today, we are able to free up ground resources to operate in other areas which require higher maintenance.”
- Ms Lee

“I am really grateful for the inauguration of Skyline, as reminder messages will now appear if my entry clashes with any of the company policies and aviation laws which I overlook at times.”
- Mr Kevin Wang

“As aerospace technology grows, so will we need a system to manage the increasing amount of networking intelligence behind an efficient flight program. Therefore Skyline is not just another scheduling coordinator but a milestone in the aerospace industry.”
-Mrs Abigail

Syllabus Instructor Records
The Syllabus module comprises mainly of competency related tasks. These competency courses include the course structure of CASA, Civil Aviation Safety Authority. read more...
Tasks related to instructor information are found under the Instructor Records module. The qualification of each instructor can be checked easily by searching for the desired staff name ensuring that only qualified staffs are assigned with proper duties. read more...
Flight Operations Flight Scheduling
The Flight Operation module consists of numerous flying procedure tasks. The user can view and modify the daily flying programs through several tasks which have been designed to suit each user type
The comprehensive flight schedule shows all schedules that have been planned for the hours of the day. The user can easily choose new timeslots for mandatory sorties by providing essential flight details
Engineering Financial
Through the Engineering module, the user has access to aircraft data and maintenance tasks. The user can utilize the maintenance schedule to swiftly organize aircraft maintaining assignments.read more...
The Financial module comprises of pecuniary related modules. All reports can easily interface with Accpac, a highly recognized software application in the accounting industry.