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    human_resourceStaff related modules can be found under the Human Resource module.

    Staff Leave Roster Types allows the user to edit the various types of leave available and also create new types of leave. The duration of each type of leave can be easily changed by clicking on the desired type of leave.

    Staff Performance Report allows the user to select from various options using the drop down menu to display criteria specific reports regarding the performance of staff members. The reports can also be conveniently selected to be exported into Microsoft Excel file format.

    Staff Leave Roster Management brings the user to a matrix where the department and location of staff can be selected from the drop down menu. The specific date of the staff leave can be chosen across the matrix and easily set by choosing leave type and duration.

    Staff Personal Information allows the user to search for any staff and displaying all particulars of the staff. All particulars can be conveniently changed within the relevant text boxes or drop down menus.

    Other modules such as Staff Leave Roster Report, Staff Summary Report,
    National Holiday and Administrative Time can also be found under the Human Resource Module.