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    studentThe Student module consists primarily of student related information.

    Student Information displays all personal details about the student after the user enters the name of the student into the search box. All details within can be modified and the sub menus can be expanded easily by clicking on them. These sub menus include but not limited to education and flying experience.

    Graduation Summary allows the user to view and edit graduation details for any year.

    Student Course Details shows the course phases the student has completed. The user can easily edit the date using the calendar beside each text box under the phase.

    CASA License allows the user to search for the desired course, which would display the list of students as well as relevant information.

    CASA License Report shows the report for the particular course. The user can conveniently select the course from the drop down menu.

    Various other modules include Student Name List, Student License Medical, Student Accommodation Report, Student List Image, Student Leave, Moved Course and Student License Medical Report.