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    flight_operationThe Daily Flying Program, DFP Upper and DFP Lower display all relevant data regarding flying programs for each day.

    The location of the program can be alternated between Singapore and Jandakot.

    Airport List shows all the airports in the selected location. The details of each airport, such as name and abbreviation can be edited.

    Airport Closure displays the status of the airport on the user selected dates and location.

    The Landing Report allows the user to view the report base on criteria such as location, airport and date.

    Student Lead/Lag Sheet shows the students information regarding their lead and lag status. The list can be conveniently changed to suit individual users.

    Post Flight Sortie Edit displays the post flight list of the sortie number, aircraft, ETD and pilots involved.

    Many other modules such as but not limited to Daily Flights List, OPS and MET Entry, Flight Operations Chart – Sorties Achievement, Monthly Revenue and Non Revenue Report.