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    syllabus_casaThe Syllabus comprises mainly of competency related modules.

    These competency courses include the course structure of CASA, Civil Aviation Safety Authority. CASA has over 100 years of flight experience in the aviation industry and has achieved a very high standard in terms of Australian aviation. Upon completion of the CASA course, a certificate will be awarded which is recognized in many countries.

    Sortie planning can be created and edited easily within the syllabus. After searching for the relevant sortie, the user may make the desired changes to it. Each sortie is categorized according to the sortie number, aspect of sortie, single or dual flying and the phase.

    Planned Route show the specific route names of each sortie. Destination codes and route numbers are clearly stated here.

    The Achievement Master lists the particular records for each achievement. Different elements of competency are distinctly categorized according to their description.

    The standard of each competency can also be modified easily by clicking on the competency and then editing the standard.

    End of Stage Report and Syllabus Matrix can also be found under the Syllabus module where they can be edited respectively.